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I have been worried about this prompt since the words were released last month. I kept thinking I would just try to illustrate the ugliest creature possible. Torrey told me after doing his own research that Gargoyles were originally just spouts that helped protect the buildings from rain erosion. In later years' architects decided to get fancy with them. I left the Vinyl label in the back to act as the night time moon. My gargoyle is a strong woman protecting the building below with her wings and umbrella. I decided to make her "ugliness" a mask that she wears (notice her real chin underneath). The world can be a disgusting place. I think we all wear masks to a certain degree to "protect" what may be more fragile and definitely more valuable beneath our skin. The better the mask, the better erosion, pain, hurt, etc can be redirected. At least that's what we all believe right...?

VINYL : The Jacksons - Victory 1984

The musical sibling to this visual piece was created by Torrey Gray, with samples from guitarist Beef Moore and Vocalist from Hrituparna. We learned that the term Gargoyle used to solely represent a spout that allowed rain water to fall from the castle walls without eroding the texture... "Whatever!"

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